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German Language Training

Personalised teaching done right

Jutta Schrimpf – German Tutor

I can offer lessons online via Zoom or in person at my home in Highams Park

I teach a variety of learners, from primary school (lessons are half to an hour), secondary school, exam preparation, casual and business German.

This makes me stand out from other German tutors, who mostly only focus on exam preparation and may only work with one exam board.

In addition, I specialise in helping children achieve a GCSE or A level in German, even if their school does not offer the language (please see section “teaching of the whole GCSE and A level curriculum).

I offer personalised and bespoke lessons to suit each individual student’s needs.

My teaching hours are 9.30 am – 8 pm on Monday – Friday and 8 am – 6 pm on Saturdays.

German Tuition for Children

primary school german teaching tuition

Primary school teaching and tutoring

I have lots of experience teaching primary school children. These can be individual children or groups of children, who want to learn a new language for fun.

I also teach a lot of young children who grow up in bilingual families or who grew up abroad and want to work on and improve their German language skills in a fun, relaxed and playful way.

Secondary school teaching and tutoring

I do not only teach towards exam preparation. Students of all secondary ages come to me to improve their German. Actually, it is a good idea to catch-up and tackle any problems with German early on rather than in the exam years, when problems sometimes have grown out of proportion and the fun of learning German got lost.

Lessons can either be online or at my home in Highams Park (subject to Covid restrictions).

secondary tuition lessons online
GCSE and IGCSE and A Level tutoring

GCSE / IGCSE / A Level tutoring

GCSEs and A levels are two important milestones in your child’s education. Both require substantial knowledge of German and a good understanding of how to get the best grade in these important exams. Apart from grammar and vocab, students need to have a good idea how to approach their speaking, writing, listening, reading and translation exams.

I am very experienced  teaching and tutoring at GCSE and A level (on various exam boards) and establish excellent relationships with my students which makes them want to learn. I can help fill grammar gaps, assist with topical problems but most importantly help with exam skills so that learners can achieve the best language grade possible.

Teaching of the whole GCSE or A level curriculum

Each year I teach the whole GCSE or A level curriculum to a few students. German is usually not offered at their school or their spoken German is too good for a school course but they might need help with writing etc.

I teach the whole curriculum and can offer a bespoke service with regards to choosing the best exam board for your child. I also offer a wide choice of German literature and films to study at A level, whilst schools would offer only one which in turn might not interest your child.

In addition I will help with finding an exam centre for your child and if need be I can act as examiner for the oral part of the exam.

secondary school German tuition
University German lessons


Are you studying German at university, be it as a major or minor subject? Do you need help with an essay or a German project? I can offer assistance with research, with essay writing and proofreading. I can also help fill grammar gaps. We can discuss ideas and come up with the best way forward for your German exam.

German for Adult Learners

Casual German Learners

Did you always want to learn a new language? Do you have relatives or friends in German speaking countries or do you go on holiday to Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

Lessons will be tailored to your individual needs and can be as easy-going or fast-paced as you require.

I am confident that I will be able to help you achieve your German goal. As lessons are personalised they can be based on topics of your liking.

conversational German learner casual tuition
business german tuition online

Business German Learners

What better way to improve your business German than with a native speaker who also worked in business for well over a decade. I can help you improve your spoken business German and make you feel more confident with these important talks or calls in German. I can also assist you with writing, reading and listening comprehension in German or just with improving your grammar.

Whatever your language goal, we can achieve it together. I am extremely organised and professional and can work with you online or at my home in Highams Park (subject to Covid restrictions).

Let’s work together

A number of the students I teach are local from areas such as Waltham Forest, Chingford, Redbridge, Highams Park, East London, Essex and Hertfordshire. Online teaching using Zoom has enabled me to teach anywhere in the world.