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Teaching of the whole GCSE or A level curriculum

Sadly, more and more schools are dropping German at A level but also at GCSE level. However, many parents would still like their child to continue German to A level or take a GCSE in German. This especially, but not exclusively, applies to bilingual families, where the child has a background in speaking the language at home but needs to be taught the curriculum and vital exam techniques to be able to take exams. 

Each year I teach the whole GCSE or A level curriculum to a few students. German is usually not offered at their school or their spoken German is too good for a school course but they might need help with writing etc.

I teach the whole curriculum and can offer a bespoke service with regards to choosing the best exam board for your child. I also offer a wide choice of German literature and films to study at A level, whilst schools would offer only one which in turn might not interest your child.

In addition I will help with finding an exam centre for your child and if need be I can act as examiner for the oral part of the exam.

All lessons can be online or at my home in Highams Park (subject to Covid restrictions).

“Jutta taught both my sons as a private tutor in preparation for their German GCSE and A levels.

She is incredibly organised, knowledgeable and her level of teaching has been an inspiration to both of my sons.
Jutta has the ability to develop a fantastic relationship with her students and is able to always get the best out of any student.
At the same time she is able to do so with upmost kindness and patience, never stopping to encourage.

Her level of teaching is exceptional and she is always driven to develop her skills as a teacher.
She has great communication skills, is very focused and always on top of everything. This includes also organisational topics around exam boards, deadlines and exam requirements.

It was a joy to work with her.”

Karla G.

secondary school German tuition