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My family relocated to Switzerland

I first met Jutta over six years ago prior to my family’s relocation to Switzerland. Jutta gave me German lessons to prepare me for the move as I spoke no German. She provided me with very structured and practical lessons to equip me for the basics I needed. It stood me in very good stead.

When my family returned to the UK I contacted her again to help with my son who is bilingual. Jutta has been amazing, my son has never complained about going to her lessons. Jutta always prepared lessons tailored to J’s individual needs. She also provided him with exercises to complement his German classes at school, always adapting the work to keep his interest in the language. Jutta was meticulous in marking J’s work and providing positive feedback with achievable goals.

Over the past two years Jutta has been instrumental in maintaining and improving J’s ability to speak, read and write in German. She has instilled in him a continued enthusiasm for the language and focused on areas of specific interest to him such as craft, reading books by authors he likes and focusing homework on nature and wildlife to ensure he get the most out of every lesson.

Jutta is meticulous in the preparation and structure of her lessons and full of encouragement, always focusing on positive ways to improve. J has been very lucky to have been taught by her over the past years.

Claire W.

German Tuition for people moving countries

She builds his confidence and self-esteem

My son in Y9 has very inconsistent German lessons so far at school. My son says that Jutta is excellent. She praises him frequently and builds his confidence and self-esteem. She is patient and is always checking his learning.

She is a native German speaker and is very flexible to his needs. We look forward to her continuing with him.

Ian S.

Secondary School

Very attentive to my needs

Jutta was very attentive to my needs. I had to write a project for my university (UCL) and she helped me write it and proofread it for me. She also did some research on her own to help me find ideas for my essay.


University Student

Fast paced, varied lessons

Jutta has helped me to improve my business German. Her lessons are fast paced, varied and include grammar, vocab and speaking practice. I’d definitely recommend Jutta as a German teacher.

Dora C.

Business German

My children soon noticed their progress

Both of my children have been taught by Jutta for the last 18 months. German is not offered at their school, so apart from Jutta engaging them in learning the language, she also taught them the whole curriculum / syllabus, vital exam techniques and prepared them for GCSE and A level exams respectively.

She always keeps up to date with the changing syllabus, mark schemes, support material as well as literature works and films on the options lists.

Jutta carries out accurate assessments to get to know the areas of improvement and the tailors her lessons accordingly. My children soon noticed their progress, remained focused and motivated and passed their exams with flying colours (9 for GCSE and A* for A level). I cannot sing Jutta’s praises high enough and I can only congratulate her on her enthusiasm to get the best out of every student.

Sabine H.

Teaching of the whole GCSE and A level curriculum

An inspiration to my sons

Jutta taught both my sons as a private tutor in preparation for their German GCSE and A levels.

She is incredibly organised, knowledgeable and her level of teaching has been an inspiration to both of my sons.

Jutta has the ability to develop a fantastic relationship with her students and is able to always get the best out of any student. At the same time she is able to do so with upmost kindness and patience, never stopping to encourage.

Her level of teaching is exceptional and she is always driven to develop her skills as a teacher. She has great communication skills, is very focused and always on top of everything. This includes also organisational topics around exam boards, deadlines and exam requirements.
It was a joy to work with her.

Karla G.

Teaching of the whole GCSE and A level curriculum

She makes sure lessons are fun

Jutta teaches my two daughters aged 11 and 6.

I can see my daughters’ German improved a lot very quickly. She always prepared enough material for each lesson.

Not only is she a German native speaker but she also has solid teaching experience and knowledge of different languages. For my younger daughter she also makes sure the lessons are fun to learn. Definitely recommended.

Wei T.

Primary School

Such a positive attitude

I highly recommend Jutta as a highly qualified German language teacher.

While a student with Jutta I found her to have a wonderful ability to make all lessons interesting, helping me to gain greater confidence in trying to master the German language.

She has excellent written and verbal communication skills and is extremely organised and reliable. I found Jutta to have such a positive attitude which I found highly motivating. 

I highly recommend Jutta without reservation to anyone who is embarking on learning German.

John D.

Adult Casual Learner

An excellent tutor!

Jutta is an excellent tutor who communicates really well and helps you to build your knowledge and confidence. I feel like I’m making progress in such a short time. Thanks Jutta!

Steve T.

Adult Casual Learner

Very tolerant of my daughter’s special needs

I would like to thank Jutta Schrimpf for her kind and attentive tuition services recently. She taught my daughter German at GCSE level.

Most of the teaching was on Zoom due to the Covid pandemic. Jutta was always a thorough professional and she was very tolerant of my daughter’s special needs. She clearly loves her work and easily develops a fantastic rapport with her learners. She is highly sought after and a rare commodity locally. I wish her every success in her future and am very happy to highly recommend her services. Danke Jutta

Dr. Tasneem A.

GCSE tutoring