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My children soon noticed their progress

15 June 2021

Both of my children have been taught by Jutta for the last 18 months. German is not offered at their school, so apart from Jutta engaging them in learning the language, she also taught them the whole curriculum / syllabus, vital exam techniques and prepared them for GCSE and A level exams respectively.

She always keeps up to date with the changing syllabus, mark schemes, support material as well as literature works and films on the options lists.

Jutta carries out accurate assessments to get to know the areas of improvement and the tailors her lessons accordingly. My children soon noticed their progress, remained focused and motivated and passed their exams with flying colours (9 for GCSE and A* for A level). I cannot sing Jutta’s praises high enough and I can only congratulate her on her enthusiasm to get the best out of every student.

Sabine H.

Teaching of the whole GCSE and A level curriculum