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My family relocated to Switzerland

29 June 2021

I first met Jutta over six years ago prior to my family’s relocation to Switzerland. Jutta gave me German lessons to prepare me for the move as I spoke no German. She provided me with very structured and practical lessons to equip me for the basics I needed. It stood me in very good stead.

When my family returned to the UK I contacted her again to help with my son who is bilingual. Jutta has been amazing, my son has never complained about going to her lessons. Jutta always prepared lessons tailored to J’s individual needs. She also provided him with exercises to complement his German classes at school, always adapting the work to keep his interest in the language. Jutta was meticulous in marking J’s work and providing positive feedback with achievable goals.

Over the past two years Jutta has been instrumental in maintaining and improving J’s ability to speak, read and write in German. She has instilled in him a continued enthusiasm for the language and focused on areas of specific interest to him such as craft, reading books by authors he likes and focusing homework on nature and wildlife to ensure he get the most out of every lesson.

Jutta is meticulous in the preparation and structure of her lessons and full of encouragement, always focusing on positive ways to improve. J has been very lucky to have been taught by her over the past years.

Claire W.

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